Advisory Board

One of the reasons The Salvation Army is able to do what it does is its many friends! One such group of friends is the Army’s Advisory Board, made up of business persons and community leaders who give their expertise, technical advice and professional support to help the Army fulfill its mission. The help of the Advisory Boards in Nassau and Freeport, as well as the help of other volunteers who assist in The Army’s social and community programs, is invaluable. The Nassau Advisory Board is chaired by Mr. Felix Stubbs.


Major Clarence Ingram
Divisional Commander


Felix Stubbs
Advisory Board Chairman


Judy Munroe
Emeritus Life Advisory Board Chairman


Maria Ferere
Advisory Board Member 


Major Miller Cantave
Divisional Secretary 


Sean N.C. Moree
Advisory Board Member 


Andrew Malone
Advisory Board Member 


Karla Wells-Lisgaris
Advisory Board Member 

Peter Deveaux-Isaacs 
Cameron Symonette 
Karla Wells-Lisgaris
Cyndi  Williams Rahming 
Franklyn Butler II 
Karen Carey
Patrick Strachan

Life Members 
Orinthia Nesbeth 
Sir Orville Turnquest 
Carleton Williams 
Dr. K. R. Culmer 
Frank  Crothers